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New Jersey Railroad Information
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What's New?

10/13/06 - Fixed spelling errors on the Erie page....AND - I got married on 8/9/06 - which explains the lack of other updates :-)

01/13/06 - Can it really be almost two years since an update??   In any case - updated Mercer & Somerset. 

07/11/04 - Updated Mercer & Somerset.

04/03/04 - Updated Delaware & Bound Brook info.

11/21/03 - Multiple updates to minor railroads: Mercer & Somerset, Millstone & New Brunswick, Delaware & Bound Brook

11/08/03 - Additional Photos of Raritan River Railroad added

04/27/03 - Updated Raritan River Railroad roster to include photos

01/08/03 - Updated Rahway Valley Railroad page with new information on fledgling RVRR historical society.

07/02/02 - Minor updates - Rahway Valley Railroad, Ogden Mine Railroad, - thanks to the people that have given me updated info!

03/25/2002 - Added Delaware & Bound Brook - first new add in a over a year.  I have a few queued up, but I haven't had time to get beyond outline.

2/19/2002 - Fixed a few errors that our intrepid viewing public brought to my attention.

1/3/2002 - Fixed a link... Web Page's 6 Birthday passed without incident :).  I will start updating the last several years of incomplete content - mostly Southern NJ Railroads.

11/11/2001 - New home #5

08/18/2001 - New home #4

02/04/01 - Minor updates to Freehold & Jamesburg. I'd still like to find more data about this railroad.  Removed "What's new" from 1999.

11/25/00 - After almost 5 years - I've given a face lift to the L&NE page.  I added a motive power roster and re-wrote some of the text.

09/03/00 - Still no new content, but I added a link to a new page on NJ Railroad Stations.

08/26/00 - Added a link to a new page on the Rahway Valley Railroad.

06/18/00  - Added information on Phoebe Snow to the DL&W Page.  Also, the book DL&W in the 19th Century has been reprinted for Steamtown.  This is the second of the Tabor three volumes to be reprinted.

06/17/00 - Added Rockaway Valley Railroad Map.

04/06/00 - Minor changes to the Reading Crusader page, thanks to reader feedback!  As always, comments & corrections are welcome.

03/30/00 - Elizabethtown & Somerville, Lehigh Valley pages updated.

03/25/00 - Pages de-framed.  I never realized how much people disliked frames!.  As part of the de-framing, I reconstructed the entire site.  

03/05/00 - Nothing new on the Page, but I FINALLY found & bought a copy of the DL&W in Northwest Jersey. Also, the reprint of the 2nd Volume of the DL&W in the 20th Century by Thomas Taber III has been released.

02/20/00 - Thanks for the feedback!  I have been removing frames and allowing them to be resized.  

02/19/00 - Uploaded Hoboken Shore Railroad.  Added link on Lehigh & New England Page. Added link on Erie Lackawanna Page. Added information on Locomotive Builders.

02/16/00 - Uploaded the Erie-Lackawanna Page (I never realized it was missing!)

02/13/00 - Major changes to Lehigh Valley page - with more to come.

02/06/00 - Major restructuring - I moved to Microsoft Front Page.  Please let me know if I broke anything :)

02/04/00 - Added pages on New York, West Shore & Buffalo; Lehigh & Hudson River.

01/13/00 - Added Morristown & Erie page. Did a lot of cleanup in the current page.

01/05/00 - Replaced the missing? Whippany River Railroad Page.  Removed old "What's New"  from 1997, 1998.