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New Jersey Railroad Information
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20th Century New Jersey Railroads

The golden age of New Jersey railroading. Each of these railroads made a contribution to making New Jersey a one-time manufacturing center and a current transportation and shipping hub.

There are actually two generations railroads that existed in the 20th Century.  The first is the second generation railroads.  These were the companies formed to bring order to the many short lines.  For example, the Central of New Jersey was formed from the first generation Elizabethtown & Somerville,  Wharton & Northern, New Jersey Southern, etc.  These are the railroads that were the largest successes and the ones that, usually, bring the most nostalgia.

The third generation of American railroads were the first round of 'mega mergers'.  In the context of New Jersey, this formed the Erie Lackawanna, Penn Central and Conrail.  Where the earlier mergers where designed to make more money, these were designed to keep the railroad alive.

Central Railroad of New Jersey
Delaware Lackawanna & Western Railroad
Erie Railroad
Erie-Lackawanna Railroad
Hoboken Shore Railroad
Lehigh & Hudson River Railway
Lehigh & New England Railroad
Lehigh Valley Railroad
New York Central Railroad
Ontario and Western Railway
Penn Central
Pennsylvania Railroad
Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines
Rahway Valley Railroad
Raritan River Railroad
Reading Railroad