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The Whippany River Railroad

The Whippany River Railroad was chartered in 1895. The operation of the Whippany River began in August of that year. At this time, the railroad was used for freight and occasional passenger service down its 4-mile length from Morristown (and an interchange with the DL&W) to Whippany. Power was provided by a single aging ex-Pennsylvania RR 4-4-0 American. And shortly afterward, fell into bankruptcy.

Due to the poor construction of the railroad, an almost entirely new railroad was build by the new owners. In addition a 3-mile branch was built, which is almost the length of the entire original railroad.

The next, and final, improvement to the line was a second interchange. To accomplish this, the Whippany & Passaic railroad was formed. his railroad would run from an interchange with the Erie in Essex Fells to the current WRRR. This sister railroad would be 7 miles in length.

In 1903, the Whippany River Railroad merged with the Whippany & Passaic to form the 11 mile mainline of the Morristown & Erie Railroad.

What's Left:

A surprising amount of the original railroad is left, considering its small size. The most prominent feature of the railroad is the Whippany Passenger depot. This is the current location of the Whippany Railroad museum and can be viewed from Rt. 10.

Only the eastern terminus to Essex Fells has been removed. Most of the mainline is still intact.

For More Information:

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