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New Jersey Railroad Information
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New Jersey Railroading Books

Here are some books that will provide much more detail that I can provide here:

The entries in bold are key books on the topics that they discuss.

Iron Railroads of Northern New Jersey, by Larry Lowenthal
Lackawanna Railroad in Northwest New Jersey, by Larry Lowenthal
Rails up the Raritan "A History of the Raritan River Railroad", by Frederick W. Deibert
The Gladstone Branch, by Tom Nemeth
The Morristown & Erie Railway, by Bob Pennisi
Railroading in New Jersey: Collection by John T. Cunningham
Railroad Atlas of North America "North East U.S.A", by Mike Walker
The Rock-a-bye Baby "A history of the Rockaway Valley Railroad", by Thomas T. Taber, III
The Lehigh & New England Railroad: A Color Reprint, by Douglas E. Lilly
Railroads of New Jersey, by Richard Hyer & John Zee
Lehigh Valley: In Color, by Robert Yanosey
Susquehanna: New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad: John Krause and Ed Crist


The Delaware Lackawanna & Western Railroad in the Twentieth Century, by Thomas Townsend Taber & Thomas Townsend Taber III.

Note: In my opinion, this three-volume set is the standard by which all Railroad history books should be judged.

Erie: Steam – Locomotives and Trains Photographed in Northern New Jersey – 1933 – 1937, by Robert K. Durham.
Lehigh Valley Railroad: The New York Division, by Mike Bednar
The Lackawanna Story, Robert J. Casey & W.A.S Douglas
Lackawanna Railroad: Shortest Rail Route between New York and Buffalo and the West, by Edward F. Gardner
Lackawanna Railroad Trackside, by Mike Del Vecchio
Lackawanna Railroad: In Color, David R. Sutherland
Lehigh Valley – 3: In Color, by Jeremy F. Plant & Richard T. Stienbrenner
Jersey Central Lines – In Color Volume 2, by William J. Brennan
Jersey Central Line – In Color, by William J. Brennan


Anthracite County Color, by Gerard Bernet

Not truly a New Jersey topic, but all the roads in here did operate in NJ, and I like the pictures.

The Reading Railroad: History of a Coal Age Empire Volume 1: The Nineteenth Century, by James L. Holton.
The Reading Railroad: History of a Coal Age Empire Volume 2: The Twentieth Century, by James L. Holton.

These two books make up the definitive history of the Reading. Not strong on pictures, but the best written history of the Reading.

A history of the Lehigh Valley Railroad "The Route of the Black Diamond", by Robert F. Archer

Similar to the Holton books on the Reading, not strong on pictures, but the best written history of the Lehigh Valley.

Erie Lackawanna Death of an American Railroad, 1938-1992, by H. Roger Grant

The only real written history of the Erie Lackawanna. This book is primarily around the business end.

The Amtrak Story, by Frank N. Wilner
A Chronology of the Belvidere Delaware Railroad and the communities through which if operated, by Warren F. Lee & Cathernine T. Lee.
The Fallen Colossus, The Great Crash of the Penn Central & The Crisis of Corporate Giants, by Robert Sobel.
No Way to Run a Railroad: The Untold Story of the Penn Central Crisis, by Stephen Salsbury.


Railroads of New Jersey: The Formative Years, by Robert T. Cunningham

First of an intended series. Once this book series is complete, this web page will be obsolete J

Reading Steam – In Color, by Jeremy F. Plant.
Reading Company – In Color – Volume 1, by Jeremy F. Plant.
The Central Railroad of New Jersey’s First 100 Years, by Elaine Anderson.
Pennsylvania – Reading Seashore Lines – In Color, by John P. Stroup


PRR Hudson to the Horseshoe, by William D. Volkmer

Just to prove that I do acknowledge that the Pennsy did operate in NJ J

Erie Lackawanna – In Color Volume 3: The East End, by Larry DeYoung.
Erie Lackawanna East, by Karl R. Zimmerman
The Next Station Will Be… An Album of Photographs of Railroad Depots on the New York & Long Branch Railroad.
The Route of Phoebe Snow: A Story of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad, by Sheldon King.
Hoboken’s Lackawanna Terminal, by Theodore W. Scull.
The Pascack Valley Line, by Wilson E. Jones