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New Jersey Railroad Information
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The Blue Comet (CNJ)

The Blue Comet is one of the most famous named trains in the country. This is rather remarkable when it is considered that the CNJ was a fairly small railroad and that the train ran for only a few years. Its first run was on 02/21/1929 and it ran until 09/27/1941 when it fell to automobiles.

The Blue Comet ran from Jersey City to Atlantic City by following the NY&LB to Red Bank where it turned south on the former New Jersey Southern until it reached Winslow Jct (outside of Hammonton, NJ) where it turned onto the former Camden & Atlantic.

The Blue Comet was pulled by a Royal Blue Pacific (4-6-2) and consisted of Heavy Weight coaches, a dinner, combination, observation and baggage cars. All the cars were painted in a matching blue with a egg-shell stripe at window level. In addition, each car was named after a comet.


Pacific: 831,832,833 - None survived


Baggage: 391 Olbers, 392 Barnard

Coach: 1170 Tuttle, 1171 Holmes, 1172 Westphal, 1173 D'Arrest, 1174 Faye, 1175 Spitaler, 1176 Winnecke, 1177 Brosen

Combination: 300 Halley, 302 Encke (Where is 301?)

Dinner: 81 Giacobini

Observation: 1169 Tempel, 1178 DeVico, 1179 Biela

Several pieces of Blue Comet rolling stock survived. There is an observation car in South Plainfield, and a coach attached to a restaurant off of Rt 22. I think there are others. Needless to say, I don't have any color photos of this train.

Blue Comet: February 21, 1929 - September 27, 1941