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New Jersey Railroad Information
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The Raritan River Railroad

This short-line ran from an interchange with the New York and Long Branch in South River into New Brunswick where it terminated a few blocks from the Pennsylvania Jersey Avenue Station. It also interchanged with the Pennsylvania's Amboy Secondary in Sayreville.

The road begin operation in 1888 and continued operating as an independent entity longer then it’s interchange partners, the Jersey Central and the Pennsylvania. Indeed, it survived Penn-Central and existed independent of Conrail for four more years.

The railroad did operate both passenger and freight service. The passenger service was discontinued in 1938. The passenger service stopped at the following stations:

South Amboy (0) - Interchange with Jersey Central & Pennsylvania

Steven Ave (0.3)

Bergen Hill (1.1)

Parlin (4.0)

Gillespie (5.1)

Vandeventers (5.8)

South River (6.4)

Seriss Junction (7.9)

Milltown (9.9)

New Brunswick (12.3)

This little railroad has shares membership is a small club of New Jersey Railroads: It is was not included as part of the original Conrail consolidation. But, unfortunately, it did succumb on April 24th, 1980 when it was finally included. The former RRRR mainline is currently in use by the joint Norfolk & Southern and CSX operation in New Jersey.

Time Table (c. 1934)

All Time Roster of the Raritan River


For More Information

Information on the RRRR can be found in the Home News archives. This newspaper, served Middlesex County and was consumed in a merger in the mid-80s.

The primary source of information is in the book "Rails up the Raritan", by Frederick W. Deibert. This is not a very common book though. I have only seen a copy of it once.

History of the Raritan River Railroad

Raritan River Railroad: 1888-1980