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New Jersey Railroad Information
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The Hoboken Shore Railroad

This railroad was a short line developed to move materials along the Hudson waterfront.   It was originally horse drawn and used to move cargo between the docks.  The original date of the construction was in the 1800s, but the railroad passed through multiple owners and names before becoming the Hoboken Shore Railroad in the 1950s. In later years, it became a real railroad and was used to carry things from the DL&W  and later then Erie Lackawanna to various warehouses.

Although the end to end length of the railroad was less then 1 mile, 10 times that trackage was in place in various sidings. It ran from its connection with the Lackawanna in Hoboken, north to Weehawken.  It its later years, it operated a pair of GE 44-tonners,  numbered 700 & 701.

In the mid-1970s, the railroad was hauling very little.  The creation of Conrail along with Conrail's failure to keep the Erie-Lackawanna's tracks as a freight line, sealed the fate of the Hoboken Shore.  It ceased operations in 1978.

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